Thursday, November 5, 2009

A promise to blog more could be futile, but I'd like to...

It's been way too long. Nearly every day I have a thought I want to blog about but I never formulate it into a post. My thoughts have been as varied as how awesome the debut album from Mumford & Sons is, how thoroughly disappointed I am in Rafa Benitez and the complete lack of hope I have for any meaningful silverware this season for Liverpool, how ridiculous Prof. Drumm's 70,000e bonus is when the hse is continually falling apart, how much I enjoyed Face to Face with God by Bill Johnson and am currently enjoying 'Jesus Culture' by Banning Liebscher, how strange it is that in my wife's sickly snotty state that she seems even cuter than ever, how David McWilliams drives me mad, how much I want to go visit Bethel Church again and countless more random thoughts.
I've been back to work a month now and I've surprisingly really enjoyed it. Enjoyed could be a deceptive word to use, I'll change that sentence to "I've been surprisingly fulfilled by it". It's strange being on the floor again and not in management but I've loved it. I've always wanted to be in this line of work to work with young people and not necessarily the adults who look after them! I loved the challenge of management but for this season I'm enjoying the lack of wider responsibility, knowing I just have to focus on the young people. It's hugely challenging and I'm completely cabbaged when I'm finished my 25hr shifts but it's been awesome building relationships with them and knowing that somehow you're bringing hope and safety and stability into such hugely fractured lives. I read through our youngest lads files and shed a few sneaky tears; knowing what he's been through in his short 9 years is heartbreaking. God has so much more for this kids life than he can possibly imagine.
During mid-term myself and Jane helped out with a camp held down in Avoca in Wicklow. Apart from the atrocious sleeping conditions we had a cracking time. It was so awesome to catch up with some guys from the youth group we helped out in. I loved doing the worship music for the week and listening to my brother preach the good word. He was awesome. It was great to see someone taking the teens seriously and really challenging them on what it is to live a life for Jesus.
I loved some of the questions the teens had to ask, they're so much more honest than grown ups! It's always good to question aspects of our faith and to want to get to know more of who God is.
I might talk about some of those questions here, there where great food for thought.