Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our ongoing adventures with God.

So we've been away for the last 2 and a half weeks and as always we had an awesome time. We went to sunny California except they forget about the sun part so it was just California. There was plenty of rain though which made us feel slightly at home.
Our reason for going away was two fold, 1. it's always good to just get away and 2. we were going to a conference in Bethel Church in Redding and catching up with some friends there, and making new ones!
We had a thought before we traveled which went something like "who said going away with your parents couldn't be fun?" so we brought my parents with us to the conference. It was awesome to have them around. The conference itself was exceptional. It was on healing and how God actually operates today. What is his character like? Does he still heal today or did he stop healing years ago like is taught in many churches? A big part of the conference was actually encountering God, there was plenty of worship where God could encounter us and there was plenty of healing. That part is always fun, watching people's faces when they are genuinely healed of pain, or deafness or blindness and so on.
I'm generally reticent to write about a lot of our experiences because I'm painfully aware that so many Christians don't believe in healing, deliverance, or even having genuine encounters with God. It seems like a huge percentage of Christians have more faith in their unbelief than in the power of God.
Many people stop short of a divine encounter because they are happy with good theology.Bill Johnson

Being in a culture where the presence of God is so tangible makes the statement "we will reflect the world we are most aware of" so true. Are we more aware of the presence of God or the presence of our enemies? By enemies I don't mean people, I mean things Satan throws at us like fear, unbelief, negative thoughts about ourselves, afflictions and loads more. Fear is a big one by the way. As I read yesterday in a Graham Cooke book "One with God is always in the majority". We just forget that and can let everything around us drag us down. We need to be constantly aware of His presence and we are to be the ones who change the atmospheres of wherever we go.
I'll reflect more on what we learned in the weeks to come. Let's just say I'm becoming more and more convinced that the Father is desperate to reveal himself to and encounter his children. We as believers in Him have to be the ones who facilitate that. To be able to release the power of Jesus in us we need to know who our God truly is, his character and to be fully able to embrace his goodness. We owe the world an encounter with God. An encounter forces people into a decision. It's not about just being nice moral people, it's about his world invading ours with power.
Whether people believe it or not, everyone wants a King like Jesus, a Daddy like the Father, and a comforter and guide like the Holy Spirit.

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Hrugnir said...

Hey, I noticed you're quite into Bethel, Redding, but also you link to Greg Boyd's site. Greg Boyd's ministry/Woodland Hills and Bill Johnson and Bethel, Redding are two of my favourite sources of theology at the moment.

I'm curious, have you noticed any connections between the two? I know that both are positive to healings, signs and wonders (some to even greater extents ;), and that both emphasize Jesus and the Kingdom of God, but have you noticed any further similarities? I'm thinking specifically of Greg Boyd's Christus Victor view of the Atonement, and Open Theism. Bethel's statement of faith certainly gives the impression of a primarily Christus Victor view: "The victorious redemptive work of Christ on the cross provides freedom from the power of the enemy * sin, lies, sickness and torment."

I know you're not even in the same country, but this entry made me curious :)