Monday, February 22, 2010

I was ashamed You call me beautiful

I love this guy (Anthony Skinner). His album 'Forever and a Day' is an awesome worship album. It has some of my favourite songs at the moment on it. I was having a flick through youtube and came across him doing a live version of the title track. I love the start when he gives a testimony of God healing him of a heart defect. Check it out.

I was afraid, your love set me free
I was in debt, you paid the price for me
I was hurt, you took away my pain
I was alone, till you called my name

I was broken, you mended me
Before I was, you loved me
You healed my body and you made me whole
No matter what I do, you don’t let go

I will sing to the king, I am the ransomed one
How I love your holy name,
Holy to the lamb who was slain
When I laugh, when I cry,
You are the reason why
How I want, to be with you, forever and a day

When I go to bed, you are near
When I wake up, you are there
When I play guitar, you are here
When I walk in faith, you’re everywhere

You catch and save every tear I cry
You journal everyday, all about my life
Your love for me, reaches to the sky
I am yours and you are mine

I was ashamed you called me beautiful (2x)
I was a thief you said I stole your heart (2x)

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Eagleswings said...

What an amazing song - those final lyrics are just stuck in my mind now - have kept it in my quotations file FOREVER!
Thanks Ferg, wouldn't have known about it otherwise.
How are ya all over there in winter wonderland?
Love to you and Jane xx