Monday, February 15, 2010

Striving is overrated...

Last week myself and Jane had the awesome pleasure of helping out at a weekend away for students. I love nothing more than talking about how good God is, facilitating worship and praying for people with my wife.
I'm more and more convinced that God wants to encounter every single person on the planet in a unique and tangible way. It was so fun and mind blowing to see God speak so specifically to people in a way that only he can, getting right to the core of them and telling them who they are.
I think the reason so many christians feel like they're in a desert with no water most of the time is because they've never heard from the Father what he thinks of them, and if they have; they don't believe it.
Why is it that we find it easier to tell God the things we aren't than thank him for the things we are?
As Christians it seems that we're subliminally (or sometimes blatantly) taught to think that we're worthless pieces of crap who continually annoy God by screwing up all the time. We're just gritting our teeth trying to be good moral people, waiting for heaven maybe telling a few people how crap they are and in need of saving from a loving God along the way all the while feeling that that same loving God may save us but doesn't really like us.
Lies. The bibles whole message is about a God desperate for his children to come back to Him. We need to stop being afraid that people will think God is too good and realise that he is, and always will be better than we can possibly imagine.
A whisper in our ear from the Father will let us know how good he is. We need to start hearing from God for ourselves. We need to allow the Father sing over us, rejoice over us and brag over us to all of the heavens. We need to hear from God. I'm so sick of the statement 'it's all about the word'. It's a cop out. A cop out for Christians who are too proud to allow God to be their Daddy, to allow their Father to wreck them with His love. We need to learn to be sons and daughters, sons and daughters who are doted on by their Father. We can preach till the cows come home, but if the message is not giving us an encounter with God it's just information and information never leads to transformation it just leads to striving. The word needs to be embraced with an encounter. How can we preach about the love, joy, peace of God when we've never felt it for ourselves. Let's this week hang out with God, not for information or theology but to just know him and know what makes him happy. I know one thing that makes him happy; when his kids believe Him when he tells us he loves us.


PlusSeeBeau said...

Thanks dude. This is a wonderful word for me today.

Eagleswings said...

I like this Ferg, the very necessary release from striving, work-oriented salvation, into relationship with the God 'who so loved the world that He gave....' and goes on loving and giving forever. Bet it was a great weekend for you & Jane and everyone there. Blessings.

philkuda said...
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philkuda said...

only read this now.
and loving it.