Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Raw Camp 2010

Myself and Jane got home yesterday from a cracking 4 days at RAW camp in Avoca. It's such an honour and a privilege to be able to brag about how awesome and loving God is for 4 days straight. We looked at who we are because of Christ. So many of us Christians walk around miserable, condemned in our sin at the foot of the cross. The cross is the crux of forgiveness but the resurrection is the crux of life and we are to life a life not gritting our teeth waiting for heaven but with a joy in the knowledge that we have a Father who adores us, we are forgiven, he has our backs and in this joy we seek to bring heaven to earth.
We used the life of David and what was it that made him a man after God's own heart. Why was it that when he was in the pit of despair that he still fully knew that his God was with him and mighty to save.
We looked at so much more and a couple of talks had to go out the window cause God had something different on the agenda than what I had prepared. That's always so fun for me, allowing God to be God and to speak what he wants to speak. It made all the difference having some awesome friends come down to just pray for the campers. And the leaders who gave up their time as well were a brilliant bunch.
While I was doing the speaking and some worship, Jane was just loving over the teens, praying for them and encouraging them in their own unique gifts. I love nothing better than seeing Jane bringing the heart of God to people and telling them who they are and what the Father thinks of them.
There was a marker about 3 years ago we look back to for Jane when our friend Roly pushed her on and encouraged her in her prophetic gifting and it was so amazing to now see Jane doing that to some of the young people. One girl I know Jane was encouraging is going to be a world changer!
In the midst of God pouring his loving kindness and words of affirmation all over these guys and girls they went out for two afternoons and did some community service. Nothing glamorous, just cleaning streets and fixing gardens in a nursing home but thats the cool thing about it. There was absolutely no reward in it for them, except the knowledge that God loved what they were doing and our goal in life should be to make our God smile in how we live our lives.
We need to stop pursing the great commission before we obey the great commandment. If we do the stuff without truly loving our Father we can't really know why we're doing it and we don't know what God we're presenting to those we're serving. We need to transform the love of God from a knowledge in our heads to a burning in our hearts. Loving him with all our hearts, souls and minds and knowing what he thinks of us so we can love our neighbours as we love ourselves. We Christians are always putting ourselves down, oh we're such horrible sinners when actually we are called to value ourselves and know the resurrected power of Christ in our lives. Believe what he says about us so we can love ourselves and in turn love our neighbours and testify to them about how the Father has changed us. If being a Christian hasn't changed our hearts then we don't know the love of the Father.
We've never been so excited about this life in the love of the Trinity than we are now, even in the midst of some lovely times; it's so worth it. He's so good, so so good and I'm so thankful I got to share about his goodness with those guys.