Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Go Spain...

I love World Cup time. Even though I'm still extremely disappointed about the fact that we're not there cause of that muppet on the right. At least I know who I will definitely not be supporting. The most entertaining thing about the handball injustice apart from our government making a fool of themselves was Patrice Evra the Man Utd and French full back making the following statement; 'The replay, I'll do it when you want on a PlayStation.' Amusing, although he did also state that they should make a statue of Henry for getting them to the World Cup and anyone who says what he did was wrong is a traitor to their country. Tulip.
Anyways, about the world cup. I want Spain to win and I think they will. I'm also hoping England do well. I don't buy into the crap that because I'm Irish I can't support England. If we support their club teams it's a bit hypocritical to then want their national team to do terribly. Although the media and the rubbish tv pundits do make it harder to want them to succeed.
I think my favourite thing about the world cup, even moreso than the football sometimes is Dunphy, Giles, Sounness, Brady and O'Herlihey. What absolute legends. They really make the bbc and utv look so boring and polished with their constant bickering and being painfully honest. I genuinely think they're the best panel tv have to offer even if they get their predictions wrong half the time, at least they don't tell the viewer what they want to hear all the time. Dunphy is a hero.
Last but not least, God bless the usa media. They really haven't got a clue about 'soccer'. Have you ever listened to commentary from a us commentator? It's spectacular. We watched some games from the confederations cup last year when we were in the states and oh dear me, it was hilarious. This sums it up beautifully...

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