Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brooke Fraser, April 9th, Sugar Club, Dublin

I was slightly nervous about going to see Brooke Fraser, especially after such a cracking night with Bell x1 on Thursday. I wasn't sure whether it would be a little intense and if I would be the only guy there and if people would be shouting for her to sing Hosanna or the Desert Song or something Hillsong esque (there was a little bit of that).
All my apprehension went straight out the window the moment she stepped on stage. If Paul Noonan charmed my wife, then Brooke Fraser definitely charmed me. She started with the beautiful 'Theif' and you could hear a pin drop. She was then joined by Michael Guy Chislet supreme guitar player with Hillsong United and the greasiest looking American Italian ever to grace the shores of Ireland to play drums and percussion. Can't remember his name, Flavio Roberto Donnadoni or something to that effect. He was a solid drummer.
There was a mutual affection tangible in the air between Brooke and her Leprechaun friends as she liked to call us. She charmingly rambled inbetween songs about various things from eating her scabs, to wanting a pet lion called Glen Hansard to the names of her guitars; Paul, Rosie and Eric if I recall correctly.
She played a great selection of songs; 1 from her first album, the beautiful Arithmetic which closed the show, 4 from her second album, 8 from her new album and one cover (Coldplays Violet Hill). She is an excellent performer with an incredible voice and cracking melodies. I hope this little eurpoean tour gets her some attention that she thoroughly deserves. I'm sure playing with Hillsong is a monkey on her back with the media. That seems to me to be unfair as she is in the truest sense a christian artist, playing excellent songs that aren't confined to the walls of a church. The typical 'if you're a christian you need to sing songs that only overtly mention the cross in them' needs to be banished. If you're a christian you need to write amazing artistic songs that reflect an amazingly artistic God who is not one dimensional. Whether it's about Jesus, Glen Hansard being a lion or the Coachella music festival, just write good songs.
I should also mention her support act Liz Lawrence who was very good. A less angry, sweeter version of Kate Nash who seemed very grateful for the support on her first ever gig outside of England.
Two amazing gigs in the space of three days makes me very grateful, especially as Brooke was only 15euro. I probably haven't played that little for a gig in 15 years! Next up is Sufjan in may. That should be a belter. Here's the setlist and some photo's...

The Theif
Orphans, Kingdoms
Deciphering Me
CS Lewis Song
Who Are We Fooling?
Crows + Locusts
Violet Hill (Coldplay cover)
Something In The Water


The Skatemusicianer said...

Great review. I was there yesterday, it was awesome.

mayka_prochy said...

I just read it..nice!! (: